A n E n d l e s s S p a c e    AN ENDLESS SPACE : Servanthood

Friday, June 04, 2004


Everything, goodness or badness, is a test for
mankind, because they have been choosen as Devine
servants. An astronaut can’t go to space without
difficult testing and training first.
What about for heavens..?

The aim of our existence through this world is
servanthood. The only reality of our being is
servanthood for Allah Almighty. If you know it, you
will be asked what you did with that knowledge. This
is perhaps the most important point through the life
of man.

It is the highest honour for mankind to be Allah
servants, and there is no honour above this.
Everything was created for a purpose, donkey to carry
your load, sheep for your eating & drinking. For what
were we created? For Devine service and nothing else.

Our ego is kicking like an animal and not accepting to
be a servant. Take only what is necessary from this
life, and leave the rest for Allah’s service. The
largest part of our mind is for preparing ourselves,
our feelings, our physical being and or souls, to be
a perfect servant in Devine presence

( Teaching from Mawlana Sheikh Nazim Adil al Haqqani :
Servanthood & What It is )

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